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Designing with Rustic Beams

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

The Parade of Homes in Minnesota has just begun and spring is in the air. We could not have asked for a more beautiful day to debut our new build to so many visitors, most of whom couldn't seem to stop talking about one thing: the beams! So much so that we decided we needed to dedicate a whole blog just to them, as well as how they came to be included in our build, and how they almost didn’t happen!😳

These beams were always in the long term plan for this beautiful open concept floor plan, but it was something we were going to hold off on for phase one. We planned on reinforcing the ceiling for beams further down the road. But once this room started to take shape, we knew we couldn't do this house justice without the beams. So... back to the drawing board we went.

Design tips for using rustic beams in your home

Planning the design

First, we were thinking four or maybe five simple beams for this great room because it was so long, and it had these high pitched vaulted ceilings. Looking back, this space could have totally handled it and it would have be stunning....but we knew we needed to go big! After all, this is the Spring Parade of Homes. Instead of five simple beams, we decided to do two very detailed beams with metal detail.

It was perfect, because this long open concept room needed to house a kitchen, dining, and living room. We wanted it to feel open and airy, but also we needed each space to feel defined and distinct, and these beams did just that!

Creating Definition in an open concept Space:

High vaulted ceilings and beam details

The kitchen feels like its own space, because the beam really anchors it. The island really defines the kitchen, while still maintaining the cohesive feel of the entire space.

High vaulted ceilings and beam details

The dining room is in the middle, and is flanked by both beams. It's such a beautiful view from every angle.

High vaulted ceilings and beam details

The living room is surrounded by a beam and a fireplace, giving it such a cozy feel... but still so grand.

These beams bring such a gorgeous rustic element to the space. We wanted this space to feel light and airy with the white walls and cabinetry, but we needed these beams to ground the room. It is a feature that can go with so many different types of styles, and we have to say, they are our favorite feature of this house!

Thank you Manomin Resawn Timbers for getting us the beautiful pictures of the barn that our beams came out of. This beautiful barn was in western Wisconsin and now continues on as a staple in our beautiful Stillwater, Minnesota home.


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