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Maximizing Your Pinterest Board While Designing Your Dream Home

If you have ever looked up fun and creative ideas for recipes, DIY projects, or anything home related, you have most likely come across Pinterest. As interior designers and architects, we at Style & Structure love using Pinterest to come up with new ideas for projects! When you are newer to this process, however, I understand that it can be hard to solidify one idea, as there are so many to explore. There are many ways that you can create the perfect Pinterest board to communicate your ideas and keep them all in one place!

Know Your Design Style Before Creating Your Boards

The first step you should take before starting to pin ideas is to understand and know what your design style looks like. Pinterest is full of many different design styles, so it can be overwhelming if you don't know quite what you are looking for. I have already created an entire blog dedicated to explaining different design styles, so check it out if you are curious as to what suits you best!

Neutral Home Inspiration Board
Neutral Home Inspiration Board

Look At Inspiration Boards to Inspire Your Searches

One of my favorite things to do when I am looking to redecorate or design a space is to look at inspiration boards that other people have already created. This is a great way to see what has been done before and how you can incorporate it into your personal space. Inspiration boards also narrow down ideas that you may have which is helpful when it comes to starting the selection process.


Once you have a solidified idea on what your preferred design style is, the next step is to find a color palette that you love. The easiest way to start a more specific search on Pinterest is by looking for the same three to five main colors in your desired palette. Another quick tip when you are first starting your Pinterest search is to only pin pictures that you truly find inspiration from. Pinterest will continuously recommend similar posts to those that you have liked in the past, so keep this in mind as you are looking at all of the fun posts. Color palettes can range from simple neutrals to bright colors, but it is really up to whatever you like best!


Adding accent materials such as wood beams and metal light fixtures can make a room go from a 4 to a 10 in an instant. It is important that you figure out what looks best together to keep consistency and flow throughout a space. Wood materials come in so many stain options and finishes that can change the overall mood of a room. Also, keep in mind that the textures, colors, and patterns of furniture, lighting fixtures, flooring, wallpapers, and décor will all need be cohesive with one another.

search specific key words when looking up ideas

Key words are going to help you narrow down your searches and also cut off a lot of scrolling time. Rather than looking up "kitchen ideas", try something like "modern farmhouse kitchen design". This will immediately bring the search to any type of post that relates to a modern farmhouse style.

Create separate boards to sort ideas

My favorite feature of Pinterest is the separate boards that you can create to organize all of the amazing pins that you find. I personally love to categorize different rooms of a house into one massive home design board because I have the ability to refer back to it whenever I want! This is also the time to get out of your usual comfort zone and pin anything that you like.

If you really don't know where to start, follow Style & Structure on Pinterest to begin scrolling through our pins! Pinterest has thousands and thousands of amazing and fun ideas for you to browse through. I always have fun with this process and enjoy seeing what other designers and home owners have created in the past!

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