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Be inspired by the renovation of our primary suite.

When it comes to home renovation, it can be a tough choice between staying put and remodeling or moving to a new home altogether. In this case, the client opted to stay and give their beloved home a fresh new look. They have been gradually updating each room as their children have grown up and left for college. Now with only one child left in their senior year of high school, the focus is on renovating the primary bedroom, closet, and bathroom.

914 Spring Hill Draw Woodbury MN - Web Quality - 004 - 05 2nd Floor Primary Bathroom

Spring Hill Project

Primary Suite/Bathroom Remodel Behind-the-scenes

The bedroom had impressive high ceilings that gave it a special touch. However, we felt like the bathroom needed more space. So, we decided to make the shower larger by turning the closet into a spacious walk-in shower. This way, we could make better use of the closet space. We then transformed the adjacent room (pictured as the sitting room) into a big walk-in closet and office area. Look below at the existing floor plans and the new remodel plans.

We now have a clear direction for the layout of the new space and can proceed with discussing the bathroom selections and finishing touches. During our design meeting, the clients expressed their fondness for the color green, living plants, wallpaper, gold fixtures, and traditional design elements. Although using green cabinetry is a bold statement, we were thrilled when the clients decided to move forward with it. Below are the initial mood boards we presented to them.

During the initial meeting where we present the mood boards, we gain a lot of valuable information. We get a clear understanding of what the clients are attracted to, what they initially wanted but changed their minds about, and what they are willing to compromise on to stay within budget. Regardless of the size of the project, we always need to consider and respect our client's budget. As professionals, we guide them on what elements should be added immediately and what can be added later on to ensure they get the most out of their investment.

In this particular situation, they really liked the green vanities and herringbone flooring, so we kept those the same. But we did change the gold fixtures to matte black for the plumbing fixtures. They still wanted a touch of gold, so we had it in with the lighting fixtures and cabinet hardware.

Cabinet Color: Sherwin Williams SW6204 Sea Salt

For the shower niches, we suggested a tile with a gold inlay, but they ended up choosing a more subtle color palette for the tiles. They did appreciate the idea of a unique tile shape, though. The wallpaper was a sad one to see go, but they still might install that later down the road. All in all, the end result was exactly what the clients had dreamed of.


These green cabinets are even more stunning in person than in pictures. The soft mint green color is absolutely beautiful and the black fixtures add a nice contrast. Adding wallpaper to the vanity wall would have been a stunning touch, but it's an easy addition to make down the road for a whole new look. Sometimes a small change is all it takes to fall in love with a space all over again!


Before Photos

Modern Bathroom Renovation Before
Modern Bathroom Renovation Before
Modern Bathroom Renovation Before
Modern Bathroom Renovation Before
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