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Be inspired by the Kitchen Full Gut.

Welcome to this charming 1900's home! As we stepped in, we knew right away that we needed to honor its rich history while also bringing it up-to-date to meet our client's needs. The kitchen was last remodeled in the 1970s, and our client wanted to add a modern touch while still keeping its unique character. We love when homeowners have thought through their updates; this client was no exception. In fact, they had even created a makeshift peninsula island to help visualize their vision. How cool is that? As custom builders, nothing is more satisfying than bringing our client's dreams to life.

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Saratoga  Project

Kitchen Full Gut

Interior Design Process:

We always start our design process by connecting with our clients on Pinterest. It's a fun tool for everyone involved, from our designers to architects and builders. It allows us to collaborate and get on the same page about the layout, design, materials, and budget. Our recent client was amazing to work with - she loved classic design with a touch of color.

Selecting Paint Colors:

Our design team offered the client a variety of lovely color options for the cabinets, and she ultimately settled on the beautiful and refreshing Sherwin Williams Coastal Plain 6192. This soft, cool green really took the kitchen to the ultimate cute level! Since the space is smaller, we decided to balance it by painting the upper cabinets with Sherwin Williams Pure White 2005. This brightened up the area visually and complemented the backsplash and newly painted walls.

Quartz Countertops:

To give the kitchen that classic, timeless look, we decided to go with a beautiful marble subway backsplash and stunning marble-look quartz countertops. We chose the New Carrara Marmi quartz because we fell in love with its unique and elegant appearance. We added some brushed gold touches to the sink faucet, cabinet hardware, and lighting fixtures to give some extra warmth to the space. And let me tell you, the white oak finish LVP we used for the flooring was a game-changer! It looks absolutely amazing and pulls everything together perfectly.

Finishing Touches:

Finally, one of my favorite design elements included in the kitchen is the floating wood shelves. They are stunning and suit the space perfectly, making it look more open and spacious. These shelves add a fun and stylish way to display decorative items, dishes, and plants. We also updated the stair railing while retaining the original inset tiles. (See pictures below) This home has come together beautifully, and we hope that the client will enjoy it for many years to come.

Before Photos

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