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Flooring Showcase: Elevating Style in Our Latest Artisan Home

One of the standout features in our recent Artisan Home project was the exquisite flooring, which drew admiration from visitors during the home tour. We partnered with our friends at Jerry's Floor Store to bring this vision to life, carefully selecting materials that would enhance the overall design and functionality of each space.

Foyer looking into 2-story living room. Slat wood feature and large windows overlooking gorgeous landscaping.
Foyer looking into 2-story living room

Engineered Hardwood: The Heart of the Home

For the main living areas, we chose Hallmark's Novella Collection in Whitman Oak. This engineered hardwood flooring brings warmth and character to the space, with its natural oak tones complementing the home's modern aesthetic. The engineered construction ensures stability and durability, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas.

Carpet: Comfort Underfoot

In designated carpeted areas, we opted for Mohawk's Natural Refinement II in Morning Mist. This plush carpet, complete with an 8 lb pad and moisture barrier, adds a touch of luxury and comfort to bedrooms and other cozy spaces. The soft, misty hue creates a serene atmosphere perfect for relaxation.

Luxury Vinyl Tile: Practical Elegance

For the laundry room, we selected Mannington's Adura Flex from the Villa collection. The Cement & Sandstone colorway in a checkerboard pattern adds visual interest while providing durability and water resistance - crucial for this high-moisture area. The diamond set layout, pointing towards the washer and dryer, creates a subtle but stylish focal point.

Bathroom Sophistication

In the bathrooms, we continued with Mannington's Adura Flex, this time from the Meridian collection. The Steel and Carbon colorways in 12"x24" tiles offer a sleek, contemporary look that's both stylish and practical for wet areas. The straight set parallel to the vanity creates clean lines that enhance the bathroom's modern design.

Specialty Spaces

For the exercise room, we installed Johnsonite Reply Multi-Functional Sports Rubber Tile in Speckled Cloud. This flooring provides the perfect balance of comfort and durability for workout sessions.

The sport court features a specially designed epoxy floor and wall treatment in Nightfall FB-715, creating a cohesive and functional space for active pursuits.

By carefully selecting each flooring type to suit the specific needs of each room, we've created a home that's not only beautiful but also practical and comfortable. The positive feedback from our home tour visitors affirms that great flooring truly is the foundation of exceptional interior design.


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