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Friday fun facts with builder joe:

Behind the drywall:

Drywall construction building homes

We at Style & Structure want everyone to love how their new home looks when it is finished but we are equally concerned about what you can't see. We take great care to evaluate each home for the potential of excessive drywall cracks, screw pops, and even sound transfer.

framing RC channel ceiling
RC channel

RC Channel:

One example of how we remedy this is with our use of "RC Channel". We meet with our drywall contractor on each job to discuss which areas are at risk for vibration, truss deflection, or sound transfer from the floor above.

The "RC channel" is then applied to those areas. The channel itself is installed perpendicular to the floor or roof trusses before drywall and creates a 1/2" buffer to help bridge any movement or vibration caused by everyday living. The reduced vibration also helps limit sound transfer between floors.

Thanks for stopping in to hear another Friday Fun Fact with Joe the Builder.

Fireplace mantel man
Joe the Builder

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