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How to Design a fun Kids Bathroom

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

How to design a fun kids bathroom

In a master bathroom, it is always a good idea to go timeless… but the kid’s bathroom is where you can really let your creative juices flow! This bathroom was on a vision board before the land was even purchased, so we needed to make that stamped concrete sink happen!!! We have awesome trades that we work with in the concrete world and they were just as excited about this sink as we were!

Designing the space for you vs. Resale value

This house was designed for a family with 3 boys and it is very specific to have the “BROS” stamped into the concrete sink when thinking about resale value, but sometimes you just need to go for it when it comes to design.

Another thing to be mindful of when creating kids areas, is that most people like to do a Jack and Jill bathroom between bedrooms and another bedroom with en suite. This house has a main floor master, so the whole upstairs is a kid zone. We opted to do one bigger locker room style bathroom which we love because there are less bathrooms to clean🎉🎉🎉

Bathroom Design Elements

Checkered tile floors

Bathroom Floor Tile

The floor tile was something we have been wanting to do for a long time, but couldn’t find the right space to do it in. Black and White checkered floors are a fun nostalgic pattern, but it is bold and not for everyone. That is why we knew this was the perfect place for it. It is a luxury vinyl tile (LVT) which is durable for a kids space and will keep their little toes warmer than a porcelain/ceramic tile (if you don't have in-floor heat). We decided to lay it in a checkered pattern vs. a diamond pattern, because we didn’t want it to get too busy with the fun accent tile behind the sink and shower.

Shower and Backsplash Tile

In the shower there is oversized subway to keep it simple with a dark charcoal grout. Darker grout is great for a kids bathroom, because no matter how much you clean white grout, it always ends up looking dingy. There is a fun black and white starburst tile in the niche that spans from wall to wall. We ended up having an extra box of tile left over, so we decided to add it behind the sink as well. Sometimes these decisions we make on site end up being the best ones. It not only carries the fun tile into another part of the bathroom, but it is practical because with 3 boys we know there will be a lot of water splashed around!

Glass Shower Door

The shower doors were another great design we came up with. For a cleaner look all the panels had to be symmetrical and we worked with our installer to design this. There is not 1, but 2 shower heads and all the fixtures are done in a matte black to keep it modern and to tie in with the tiles. There are 3 faucets for 3 kids over the concrete trough sink with fun cross handles.

Pendant lighting in bathroom

Bathroom Accents

There is a custom mirror made with a built-in shelf for things like toothbrushes and combs, because with the trough sink there is no counter tops. There is plenty of storage with the gorgeous custom vanity as well. To bring in natural light, there are three high windows over the mirror, but to do that we ran out of room for over mirror sconces…so we went with 3 industrial pendant lights from the ceiling! It looks so great with the 3 faucets, and gives each boy their own lighting in the mirror.

Bathroom Vanity

To warm things up, the vanity is done in a natural white oak. It is such a beautiful custom piece and you can see the knots and veining all throughout it. It was so perfect as is, we decided to do just a clear matte finish on it. Our custom cabinet makers knew that it would be supporting a 600 lb concrete sink, so they braced it to carry the heavy load…so please don’t try this at home;) We added sleek matte black hardware to vanity to go with all the fixtures.

Bathroom Decor

We did not need to do much to style this awesome bathroom! Just a few plants and a black and white art piece and VOILA! We chose to paint the walls SW pure white to keep it fresh and to let all the other fun elements stand out.

Thank you:

Engstrom Wood Products for making this gorgeous vanity!

Dusty's Concrete And Landscape and Minnesota modern rustic concrete llc. for working on this amazing sink design!

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