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Meet Joe

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Owner / Builder

History Behind the man, the myth, the legend

Joe Braun has been building homes for his clients for over 35 years. He grew up in central Minnesota, and as a kid, Joe’s dad, who was also a builder, would take his son to different build sites. Joe was young, yet he still knew that he had found his passion: creating dream homes for his clients. After graduating high school, Joe worked on framing crews in order to pursue his goals. He then worked his way into managerial positions by learning and mastering every step of the homebuilding process. Now, with the Minnesota Parade of Homes in full swing, Joe is living his dream. He is thrilled to continue to meet new people and see his hard work pay off.

Style & Structure

So, how did Joe get involved with Style and Structure? Nearly seven years ago, Joe was out looking at model homes, where he happened to run into Danielle, business partner and co-owner of Style & Structure. After working on custom homes together for a few years at a different company, Danielle and Joe realized that they made a great team. They decided to start their own business, and Style & Structure was formed. Their new company allowed them to have the freedom to take on new and exciting projects, meet new clients, and apply innovative creativity to all their projects. Now, Joe oversees the builds for his clients at Style & Structure. He loves being able to help bring dream homes to life, whether it is starting from the ground up or a remodel in a client’s current home. As much as he loves building homes, Joe’s absolute favorite part of the industry is getting to know his clients. He is deliberate, transparent, and ready to serve, and Joe builds relationships while building homes. Maintaining his relationships with his clients is important to Joe. He wants each of his clients’ voices to be heard, and he makes sure they are. Joe has intentionally stayed in touch with many of his previous clients. He understands that each client has their own questions or concerns, and he is quick to help find solutions and answers.


Outside of Style & Structure, Joe can be found drinking the strongest coffee that the many coffee shops in downtown Stillwater has to offer. He is also an avid runner. He enjoys the competition of racing, and he has participated in half and full marathons, 10ks, and 5ks. Joe even got to run the Great Wall Marathon in China! Besides running, Joe loves spending time with his wonderful family. He and his lovely wife, Karen, have three sons, and they recently welcomed their fourth grandchild into the world!

Fun Fact:

A fun fact about Joe is that before he travels, he reads a book about his destination. His favorite is Gates of Fire, which he read before he visited Greece.

Joe is an overall fantastic builder. He is very talented and experienced in the building industry. Joe makes sure that every single one of his clients’ needs are met, questions are answered, and homes are built to the highest standard.


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