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North Brook Project: 8 tips to Renovating Your Home Office

8 tips to Renovating Your Home Office

Renovating Your Home Office: 8 Must-Dos

Working from home has become the norm in recent years, and it's more important than ever to create a space that makes you feel motivated and productive. We've been working on a few projects to create the perfect working environment, like closing off rooms and sprucing up office spaces. One of our recent projects was this beautiful home office. We had the space, but it needed a bit of love to make it beautiful.

If you’re looking to upgrade your home office, there are a few key steps to take to create a beautiful and functional workspace you’ll love. Follow these 8 must-do tips when renovating your home office that we incorporated in this project:

before and after of office reno

1. Incorporate Storage:

Maximize storage with options like shelving, cabinets, closet systems and drawer organizers so everything has a designated place. Storage helps keep home offices tidy.

To make a statement, we started with these gorgeous moody built-ins. They span the entire wall and have a beautiful arched opening that showcases the stunning vertical white oak planks. The white oak feature also ties in beautifully above the fireplace. We opted for a two-tone design with high contrast, which we absolutely love. There is plenty of storage with the closed cabinets.

before and after of office reno

2. Personalize the Décor:

Put your unique stamp by accessorizing with favorite art, small plants, photos, stylish wastebasket, rug, comfortable chair, and inspiration boards.

It was important for the client to showcase their family pictures, books, and their children's artwork. We made sure to include open shelving to make that happen.

We even got to have some fun with the design by adding gorgeous hardware (pictured below) that matched the gold sconces. The hardware is by Top Knobs in the Honey Bronze finish. It really brought everything together and made the space feel cozy and welcoming.

8 tips to Renovating Your Home Office

We wrapped the rest of the walls in a beautiful wainscoting and painted them Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams. We're so excited with the results, because this upgrade really took our office to the next level, giving it a cozy and elegant feel like a true study. We also made sure to paint the casing around the windows to make it feel like it's part of the built-in design. These extra details are what makes these rooms stand out.

8 tips to Renovating Your Home Office

office with fireplace

3. Evaluate Lighting:

Proper home office lighting is essential. Make sure your space has adequate overhead lighting as well as task lighting for focusing on computer work. Consider adding things like large windows, skylights or track lighting.

We've added a few layers of lighting to really set the mood in the room. To create a focal point and add visual interest, we installed a large dome pendant over the desk. We also put up a single sconce over each arch in the built-in, and a coordinating double sconce in the seating area across the desk. It's amazing how these lighting fixtures, with their gold and black elements, bring everything together! Plus, the sconces have a really unique shape that gives the room a sleek, modern feel.

Finally, what home office would be complete without a cozy fireplace? Since we couldn't install a gas line, we decided to go for an electric fireplace by SimpliFire instead. It not only adds warmth, but it also creates a lovely ambiance lighting in the room.

4. Get Ergonomic:

Invest in an ergonomic desk and chair suited for extended computer use to avoid discomfort. Don’t skimp in this category!

5. Minimize Noise & Distractions:

Figure out how to create privacy, quiet and fewer in-home disruptions. Strategies could include room location choice, soundproofing materials, doors and “do not disturb signs”.

6. Upgrade Tech:

Determine what home office tech upgrades you need like faster internet, better WiFi router, roomy monitor, wireless accessories, etc. New hardware can improve efficiency.

7. Build-In Charging Stations:

Conveniently charge multiple devices in your new modern home office design with USB ports or even a mounted charging dock or cabinet built-in.

8. Splurge on Desk Surface:

A high quality large desk surface allows ample productive workspace. Consider materials like solid wood or extra durable laminates.

Following even a few of these home office renovation ideas can completely transform your space into a motivating, functional headquarters! Create an inspiring sanctuary you eagerly look forward to working in.


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