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A Stunning  Renovation: Coastal Vibes and Custom Details

We recently completed a breathtaking renovation of a kitchen, breakfast nook, and living room. The goal was to create a light, airy, and coastal-inspired space that would feel both inviting and luxurious. By making strategic changes and incorporating unique design elements, we've transformed our home into a stunning oasis.

Coastal Cove Project

Kitchen/Living room remodel

Kitchen Transformation: The kitchen underwent a dramatic transformation, starting with the enlargement of the island, which now provides ample space for food preparation and entertaining. We also removed the bulky hood vent that once dominated the center of the kitchen, opening up the space and allowing for a more streamlined look.

One of the most striking features of the renovated kitchen is the gorgeous handmade tile backsplash. The tiles are arranged in a unique straight stack horizontal line, with a vertical stack creating a stunning stripe effect. The attention to detail in the tilework adds depth and character to the kitchen.

The countertops were upgraded to a super-thick quartz, lending a custom, high-end feel to the space. The lighting throughout the kitchen was also upgraded, contributing to the overall ambiance.

Breakfast Nook Bliss: The breakfast nook received a major upgrade with the addition of a built-in banquette seating area. This cozy and inviting space is perfect for enjoying morning coffee, casual meals, or simply relaxing with a good book. The banquette seating adds a touch of coastal charm and maximizes the available space.

We added a beautiful built-in featuring an arched detail and a mini-fridge, providing both function and visual interest. The perimeter cabinets were painted in Sherwin-Williams 9589 Limewash, a soft, soothing hue, while the island was finished in Sherwin-Williams 7048 Urbane Bronze, adding a touch of sophistication and contrast.

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Coastal-Inspired Color Palette:

Throughout the renovation, we focused on creating a light and airy atmosphere reminiscent of a coastal retreat. The carefully selected color palette, featuring soft neutrals and subtle ocean-inspired hues, contributes to the serene and relaxing ambiance. The Limewash and Urbane Bronze colors used on the kitchen cabinets perfectly complement the coastal theme, adding depth and interest to the space.

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Living Room Luminosity:

The living room now boasts two huge globe chandeliers that serve as stunning focal points. These statement light fixtures not only provide ample illumination but also contribute to the room's overall coastal aesthetic. The chandeliers' scale and design make a bold impact, elevating the living room's sophistication and style.

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Before Photos
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