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Copper Gas Lanterns

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Nothing says nostalgic like copper gas lanterns. When the flames are lit and flickering, it gives such an inviting warm feeling as soon as you walk up the front steps. These gas lanterns elevate the front entry to a whole new level…and bring a touch of Southern charm to Minnesota!

Why we love gas lanterns
Copper gas lantern

For this modern farmhouse, we decided to go with a more traditional Charleston lantern shape. The exterior was going a little more modern with the color blocking and we chose to bring in a touch of traditional elements with the copper lighting. If we wanted to go more modern, we could have gone with an iron black, gas lantern, with clean/straight lines. That would have been beautiful as well. You can’t go wrong with this house because it is so neutral, there are a lot of directions you can go with the accents.

Tip: Be creative and fun with accents and decorating to make it feel personalized to you.

Over the garage we put a gooseneck copper light, which is an iconic farmhouse light fixture. The copper finish helped tie in the lanterns flanking the front door. Adding the gooseneck over the single garage also gave it a carriage feel, bringing this home into a more modern, English, farm house. It is getting copper gutters added in a few months, which will be the perfect final touch…we will make sure to show pictures after they get installed!

Lets just circle back around to the gorgeous gas lanterns again. This glass front door with the two floor to ceiling windows on either side was a major design element in showing off these beauties. We chose to have them mounted on large gooseneck brackets to bring them farther off the wall. We wanted them to be a statement from the inside foyer as well. They feel just as much part of the inside as they do from the outside. The gas lanterns are actually such a presence, at night when they are on, you can enjoy them from the living room as well.

Thank you to French Market Lanterns for these stunning lanterns❤️❤️❤️


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