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Creating a Zen Space in your home

Book nook

The book nook is so dreamy and one of everyone’s favorite features of Style & Structures model home. This house has a main floor master bedroom off the main living room and this book nook is not only a beautiful feature in the house, but acts as breezeway to separate the spaces. This gives the master bedroom privacy from the main living area and kitchen. During the Parade of Homes when people have been touring this model, most people don’t even realize that there is an entire Master Retreat on the other side of the house.

Adding Built-ins to your home

Anything built-in to a house gives it so much character. The cool thing about this book nook is how big it is. It actually fits a daybed mattress, and we are still waiting on a comfy cushion that we had custom made just for this space…so in the meantime it is styled with lots of large fun pillows. The pillows had to be big to fill the space. There is a mixture of high and low priced pillows, with muted colors and different textures to give it interest.

Built-in shelves and reading nook

Decorating Built-in shelves

The shelves are styled so beautifully. A trick is to take the jackets off hardcover books to get a solid color pallet, and if the books still aren’t the right color, just turn them around and face the pages out to make them look more uniform. Lay the books horizontally and place a small object on them, and stand some up to give different heights and dimension. Add rustic vases, plants, wooden beads, picture frames, candles and fun collected objects. The trick is to find the balance between the colors and textures…so you need to do a little trial and error to get the perfect look you want.

Open shelf decor

Ambiance with Light Fixtures

The lighting is matte black cone sconces over both book shelves. It highlights the shelves so beautifully at night and gives it a modern farmhouse look. Tucked into one of the shelves is and outlet and the light switch for the the sconces. That way you can have a computer or phone plugged when you are relaxing in the nook. Make sure when you are installing built-ins like this to think of how you will use them in your everyday life.

How to select Artwork and Decor

There is a large simple piece of artwork grounding the whole space. We thought about a fun photo collage wall, but it would have been too busy with all the styling on the shelves. We added a fun little wooden stool and an oversized jug to finish off the whole look. It has a view of the beautiful backyard woods with the large picture window. I swear, every time I go into this space and just sit, I see a family of deer passing through the back yard. It is the perfect place to curl up with a cup of coffee and a good book…ok, let's be real, some Netflix and a glass of wine.

If you haven't seen our hilarious music video that highlights this gorgeous reading nook at the end...well here you go 😂😂😂:

These are a few of my favorite things


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