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How To Design a Beautiful Powder Room

Powder Room Design

The design behind the Spring model powder room

Bathroom vanity ideas

I consider the powder room to be one the best rooms in the house for design! It is separate from all the other spaces, so it is somewhere that you can go creative and bold because it doesn’t need to tie into the rest of the house. It also is a room that almost everyone who enters your home sees and uses. Not everyone is going to get a full house tour when they come over for dinner, but they probably will be using that powder room. So have fun when designing this space!

With this house we knew we wanted to do a fun wallpaper. The design team headed to Hirshfield’s for an afternoon to browse through a bunch a wallpaper books. There were so many different directions we could have gone, but we just fell in love with this olive branch wallpaper by Magnolia Home. The designs by Magnolia Home were definitely our favorite and actually the best priced! This olive branch wallpaper was so whimsical and botanical, we knew it was the perfect one for this space.

We tried to get the wallpaper up in the bathroom before the plumbing and lighting went in, because it is really hard to wallpaper behind a toilet...but wallpapering in the dark has it challenges too. The wall paper was pre-pasted, which was fairly easy to work with. All you needed to do was to wet it down and apply it like you would regular wallpaper. The pattern we chose was a pretty forgiving design while installing it. The ceilings are 9ft and it makes such a dramatic impact when you walk into this small space.

sconce lighting fixtures

The lighting is from Shades of Light. The sconces are so natural looking with the iron and rope detail. We love the blown glass globe with the Edison bulb.


Actual Size: 17.75"Hx7"Wx8.5"D

vessel sink ideas

The vanity top is a beautiful white oak slab that has all the natural knots exposed. We just did a natural clear matte seal on it. We wanted to do a floating vanity so you could see the exposed black plumbing and wallpaper.

The stone sink is so rustic with the raw rock on the outside, but it is nice and smooth on the inside. It is finished off with matte black fixtures that go well with the black pocket door.

black bathroom fixtures

It is such a small room with so much character. This powder room is such a beautiful little jewel box and one of our favorite rooms!


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