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Low Voltage trends & Tips for your home

At Style & Structure we have so many great trade partners that we have worked along side with for years, and Home Media Innovations (HMI) is one of them. We were able to have the owner come in to sit down with us and really discuss their role in our building process.

Low voltage service truck with Home Media Innovations logo

How Home Media Innovations was started:

William Denzer is the owner of Home Media Innovations. It is a technology company, that is our source of solutions for all things audio, video, security systems and more! It was founded by William in Hudson, WI right out of his garage with a whole lot of knowledge and will to succeed! He has been in the the industry for over 20 years and it is pretty much all he has ever done. HMI has 2 locations, one in Hudson and one in Burnsville to service their South Metro clients.

William has expanded his team at HMI to over 18 employees now, and it is a very diversified staff. The average employee has roughly 15 years of experience in the technology industry. At Style and Structure, we are so thankful for their knowledge and expertise. We of course use them for our customers, be we also had them get our offices in downtown Stillwater up and running.

Low voltage team working on a sound system at commercial office space
HMI at the Style & Structure offices

Trends we are seeing in Low Voltage:

  • One of the trends we are seeing in low voltage, which is not one of the best, is that everything needs to be wireless. It is a common misperception is that wireless is better, but what people don’t realize is the performance issues they might have. The more you put on the WiFi, the more it slows everything down. HMI always suggests the more you can hardwire the better. Advice straight from the experts at HMI

"Hardwire where you can and use WiFi where you absolutely have to."
  • Another huge trend that they are seeing is Smart Homes. Smart Homes are ever changing. We are seeing voice activation more and more. HMI have worked on homes for disabled clients, who can’t get up and do everything themselves. The voice activated systems have really change their quality of life and helped them be able to do more things on their own. You can literally control your whole home with voice demands!

What is our process for clients

Phase 1:

  • William and his team start out with getting a plan of the house (new build home/renovation plans)

  • They will set up the consultation directly with the home owner and schedule it at the Style & Structure office or one of the Home Media showrooms in Hudson or Burnsville.

  • They will sit down and have a discovery meeting with the clients about what is important to them, and how they live. Talk about the newer trends they might not know about.

  • William and his team will come up with a “Wish List” for the client. They will put it all together on paper in an itemized detailed list for them and let the homeowner pick and choose what they would like.

  • If they want to install things in stages, HMI will come up with a plan to pre-wire the home so they can add things from their wishlist down the road.

Phase 2:

2nd phase when HMI will come out to the house during framing and the electrical walk-thru. This is the stage in the process when we see a lot of homeowners get really excited and want to add things.

Low Voltage walk-thru during framing
Low Voltage walk-thru during framing

How do we stay on budget and on schedule?

HMI prides themselves on transparency and they will create a very detailed itemized list for the homeowners. HMI always pushes the importance of hardwiring vs the equipment up front if they don't have the budget for everything they want. It is way easier to add equipment later with the proper wiring.

"We want to help clients stay in budget with what is important to them. HMI wants to be respectful of the budget and suggest things to stay within it."

Home media Innovation installing television in home sports court

How to set expectations with pricing in the first meeting?

A constant issue the industry is facing is the copper prices going up. Copper prices are an important issue to discuss because that is what the wiring and foundation of the system is made of. HMI usually tries to give a rough price around $8,000-$10,000 for a true new build custom home (interview took place in 2022, prices may change). Usually they are very close in that number. That is prepping for audio and video, etc. HMI is also a custom electronic shop and prices are always going up with electronics. HMI will always try to give rough allowances and they work with a variety of brands and they can work within budgets.


  • Home Media Innovations has been the winner of the Elon Musk Dealer of the Year award 2 years in row. They have grown 50% over the past 2 years.

  • Style & Structure have won 2 awards together with our Parade of Homes models.

Winners of Elon Musk Dealer of the Year Award
Winners of Elon's Dealer of the Year Award

We hope you learned a little more about low voltage in your home and our process when building or renovating with us at Style & Structure. Watch the video interview below.


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