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What is LSL lumber and why do we use it?

LSL Lumber:

LSL lumber framing home

At Style & Structure we know that different areas of your home will need to perform different ways. Traditional 2x4, 2x6, or 2x10 lumber is ideal for 90% of a new homes construction, but there are a few areas that are of special concern.

kitchen beams white oak island

Tile and cabinet walls:

Tile and cabinet walls are examples of areas where we use LSL material to minimize potential movement that can cause cosmetic flaws. “LSL” refers to laminated strand lumber and is made from sustainable maple and aspen wood injected with special resins to prevent shrinking, warping, and twisting. By using LSL in critical areas we can guarantee the strongest, straightest, and most stable structure in the industry.

LSL lumber home framing

No cutting corners:

At Style & Structure we build our homes to last, and the trades that we work with take pride in their work. A lot of times it may take longer and cost a little more upfront to do it the right way, but it always saves time and money in the long run when your home is built correctly.

Thanks for stopping by to hear another Friday Fun Fact with Builder Joe.

kitchen wood mantle subway tile

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