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Is your shower leaking?

Friday Fun Fact shower

Is your shower leaking? Are you sure?

shower leak

Most people think they would be able to tell if they have a leaky shower and sometimes that's the case but the truth is showers can leak for many years without being noticed, slowly rotting your subfloor and causing structural damage. While it’s fun making tile selections, choosing install patterns, and grout color, the tile itself is only cosmetic. The real work goes on under the tile.

Style & Structure goes the extra mile:

Style & Structure goes to great lengths to ensure our showers will not leak and that begins with using a “Wedi” or “Noble Seal” sub-liner system. We start by using a special floor drain and incorporate it into the floor and wall drainage system, this eliminates the chance of leaking at the most vulnerable areas like corners or around the drain itself.

Our process is time consuming and may cost a little more but we have never had a shower leak so that makes it quite the bargain:)

Thanks for stopping in to hear another Friday Fun Fact with Joe the Builder.

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