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Making your home comfortable with HVAC (heating, venting, and air conditioning)

Creating a well balanced climate:

A well balanced climate control system is crucial for your home’s comfort.

At Style & Structure we we take extra care to make sure all areas of your home will feel comfortable in both the heating and cooling seasons.

kitchen white oak island pendant lights
Kitchen with high vaulted ceilings

Multi zone duct systems for extreme weather:

We know first hand how difficult it is to maintain consistent heat or cooling temperatures on different levels of your home during our extreme weather changes. That is why we insist on adding multi zone duct systems in every one of our new home builds.

HVAC for the Main Floor and Basement
HVAC for the Main Floor and Basement

This gives us the opportunity to have a separate set of heating and cooling ducts for the most difficult to control areas of your home.

HVAC system
HVAC system

Different zones of the home:

With dual or even triple zone systems you will be able to control how the air flows to different parts of your home with either a manual or electronic damper system. Meaning you can have a thermostat on each level to take the guess work out of your climate control.

master bath, bedroom and pass. through

Comfortable Climate for the entire family:

Style & Structure wants our entire family of homeowners to feel comfortable during everything Mother Nature sends our way. Thanks for stopping by to hear another Friday Fun Fact with builder Joe.

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