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Meet the owner

owner/home specialist

From a young age, Danielle has always been sales minded and knew she wanted to own a business. It started back when she was a top girl scout cookie salesman and organizing neighborhood lemonade stands. Danielle has always been eager to work with people and find new ways to truly maximize businesses. Through her natural gifts in business and her fabulous sense of style, she has been able to turn her passions into creating incredible homes for her clients.

Part of building the perfect home for her clients, cultivating relationships with her homeowners is one of Danielle’s top priorities. It is important for her to learn some of their style preferences and how they live/use each space in their home, so we can add unique and personal elements to each home. There are so many amazing styles that look beautiful, and Danielle loves being able to mix and match aspects of each to construct incredibly personalized homes that clients adore.

As far as her inspiration goes, Danielle finds beauty and design ideas everywhere she goes. She loves spotting distinct architecture, decor, and concepts that give custom homes such a personalized look. Danielle pulls inspiration from her passion of traveling, looking at unique architecture, going to the Parade of Homes to see the beautiful work many of her peers have done, and researching other great designers who she admires (see her Pinterest board for styles she loves).

S & S Beginnings

Danielle was introduced to the real estate industry nearly sixteen years ago. After seven years of flipping homes with her husband, Matt, Danielle got into real estate and new construction. She immediately had a passion for the industry and she knew she found what she wanted to do as a career, but had no idea where that journey would lead her. While working in new construction she met Joe, co-owner of Style & Structure. Through seven years of working on projects together, it was clear their skills compliment and build off each other, resulting in gorgeous homes. Once an opportunity presented itself, Danielle could not pass up the chance to pursue a business with Joe. The owners have a wonderful partnership that focuses on their business and clients equally and wholly.

With an aptitude for recognizing strengths in people, Danielle’s favorite part of the job is working with her team. Although she and Joe have very different personalities, their shared passion for the industry is clear in their friendship and leadership. They have created an environment where everyone on the team brings their own skills to the table, encouraging a productive and creative space for new ideas, and ultimately, the beautiful and individualized Style & Structure homes and remodels.

Personal Interests

Outside of work, Danielle’s favorite thing to do is cheer on her two kids, Cooper and Oakley, at their sports and in their lives. Whether it is practice or a game, rain or shine, Danielle and her husband Matt love to be there to support them. She also enjoys spending time in Stillwater, specifically on Main Street. Danielle loves the restaurants, boating on the St. Croix River, and all of the local shops. This summer, Danielle and Joe will begin spending more time on Main; their new office building is central to all the shopping and great restaurants.

Danielle is the true definition of a hard worker, and it is certainly evident in her work. She is open and honest, appreciative of each of her clients, and she will ensure that their homes are personal, functional, and loved by their owners.

Fun Fact: Danielle was the top Girl Scout seller in the state of Minnesota when she was a little girl.

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