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Meet Jeff

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Job Site Manager

As the Job Site Manager for Style & Structure, Jeff coordinates and schedules subcontractors to ensure jobs are done correctly and on time. He communicates with subcontractors on different projects to make sure that he knows what is happening each day and that each job is done how S&S designed. Often times, Jeff visits the job sites where housing projects are taking place so he can get a first hand look at what is going on throughout the construction process. Jeff has always loved the construction side of the housing business, which is why he enjoys his time with Style & Structure.

Before Style & Structure

Jeff grew up on a dairy farm just outside of Baldwin and Woodville, Wisconsin. In middle school, his family moved to another dairy farm in Hammond, Wisconsin, and since then, he has never moved outside of this area. After graduating from St. Croix Central High School in Hammond, WI, Jeff bought a herd of dairy cows and farmed until his oldest daughter was born in 1978.

In 1986, Jeff started working as a carpenter, which is where he began his career relating to the construction business. He started his own framing business until 2008, when the economy had crashed. From there, he has worked as a bartender and then a General Manager of restaurants and banquet facility, and finally a manager of a few Kwik Trip stores. In September of 2021, Jeff officially became a part of the Style & Structure team as the Job Site Manager, and he has since loved being a part of each project that he has had the opportunity to work on. While Jeff was working on his framing business, he had worked on a project for Kootenia Homes, where he met Joe as their previous Job Supervisor.

Personal Interests

Outside of his work at Style & Structure, Jeff loves carpentry and enjoys working on projects at some of his rental properties. He also enjoys watching football, and naturally is a Packers fan! Jeff looks forward to spending winter months in Florida with his wife Robyn, and his children and grandchildren will visit them. Jeff is excited and happy to be back to his "first love" of construction with the Style & Structure team!

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