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Modern Farmhouse: Styles & color schemes

The modern farmhouse exterior has made a huge revival in the past few years. It’s nod back to the classic farmhouse that we all know and love, with a twist. There are some subtle changes you can make to bring out your own personal style. You can go a little more traditional, rustic or industrial to give it a fresh feel. Here are some ideas of different material and color combos you can add to the classic farmhouse style house to change things up and give it a more modern feel.

Color Block Modern FarmHouse: Black, White and Copper

Modern Farmhouse Color Blocking

Right now our beautiful house is missing the copper gutters and landscaping…but I am just loving how it looks even without all of that. The white sections of the house are the classic board and batten bringing the classic farmhouse style in. The peaked roof sections has gorgeous oversized black trim and molding around the windows with a smooth white siding giving it a stucco look.

Black accents are key to this house, and some of them you might not have even noticed! The black windows were a must for this house, black corbels, black garage doors, black roof (I would have loved to have had a couple black metal roof details, but we needed to cut them out due to budget...we've all been there, right?😄) and, the one that gets the least recognition, is the black facia. Facia is the material under the roof line, and we often see it in white. The black facia makes the black roof more dramatic, and it is the same price!

Since there is such bold statements in the color blocking with the siding, we wanted to add a little interest through the copper elements. Like I said before, the copper gutters are not installed yet, but I’m excited to see how they transform this house. We will post pictures once they are installed. We added copper lighting throughout the exterior, with the classic farmhouse goose neck light over the garage and the two copper gas lanterns flanking the front door bring the whole design together. Read our blog dedicated to design decisions behind these gas lanterns.

This color block design almost took on a modern English farmhouse with copper elements. That is what I love about mixing styles, you can really make it your own.

Check out these other color combos of modern farmhouses that we love:

Warm Modern Farmhouse: warm white, wood and charcoal

Unique modern farmhouse designs

Bold Black Modern Farmhouse: Black, charcoal, limestone

Bold modern farmhouse

Beige Beauty Modern Farmhouse: Beige, wood and creamy white

European style farmhouse

Classic Farmhouse: Black, White and Galvanized

Classic farmhouse

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