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White Bear Parkway project: Main floor renovation

Renovated kitchen with black island

Wow, starting a remodeling project is always exciting, isn't it? And when you get to knock down some walls, it's even more thrilling! This particular family's home was in a prime location, backed up against a beautiful private pond that made them feel like they were up north at a cozy cabin. They had some big plans for their beloved home, and creating an open-concept space was a crucial part of it. The family room had a stunning vaulted ceiling that extended into the kitchen, and it was just begging for the walls to come down so they could make the most of the impressive ceiling height and views! Take a look at the before and after floor plans.

After tearing down the walls and merging all the rooms together, we now had ample space to add a massive kitchen island and expand the cabinet storage all along the length of the room. We also installed a fireplace in the family room and included additional storage in the foyer through a built-in bench and cabinetry. The entire area underwent a complete renovation from the floors to the windows, and everything received a major facelift.

The clients had been living with warm wood tones from the 90s for a long time, but they were tired of it. They wanted an entirely white, black, and gray color scheme for their space, and this was non-negotiable for them. Although we personally appreciate the beauty of white oak or rich walnut, our priority is to fulfill the client's vision and make sure they get everything they have dreamt of.

mood board of a black and white kitchen

The homeowners were really set on having a white kitchen, so we worked together to come up with a way to add some visual interest. We ended up adding a beautiful black island that really makes the space pop! To tie everything together, they decided to go with black pulls, plumbing fixtures, lighting, and even a backsplash tile. It all looks amazing and I'm sure they're going to love cooking and entertaining in their new kitchen!

horizontal railing

As a rambler-style home (also known as a ranch style), the staircase railings take up a considerable amount of space. We replaced the outdated wood railings with modern, sleek, horizontal ones, which have now become the focal point of the room.

Dining Room w/ buffet and window bench
Dining Room w/ buffet

We gave the dining room's buffet a little makeover by adding new cabinet fronts, new countertop, and a fresh coat of paint. This space is going to be so beautiful and cozy to decorate for holidays and the different seasons. There is plenty of wall space for artwork and the buffet is going to be be perfect for serving pieces. To spruce up the entire space, we also installed brand new flooring and black windows.

reclaimed wood fireplace

We were so thrilled to add a fireplace to a room that was missing that cozy element. To make it even more special, we decided to use absolutely stunning reclaimed wood from Manomin Resawn Timbers. The wood had a beautiful, natural weathered and grayed look that the homeowners fell in love with, so it was a definite win-win for everyone involved!

foyer built-in bench and closet

The foyer may be small, but it packs a lot of punch! It had an existing small closet, which we kept and put new doors on, and we were able to fit in a built-in bench and some extra storage. You know what really makes the space feel special? Having built-in storage pieces! It gives the foyer a more elevated, custom home feel. And now that we've got more storage space, the foyer feels even more inviting!

renovated living room

The main floor of the house has transformed into a stunningly beautiful space. It's an amazing feeling to be a part of renovating a home. Renovating a main space like a kitchen can be a significant undertaking that requires both time and money. However, once you take the step to renovate, it is always an incredible experience to witness how the homeowners fall in love with their home all over again.

open concept floor plan

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