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Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Everyone loves a white kitchen!!! We see them everywhere. All over design shows and renovations projects, people are lightening up their kitchens with a fresh coat of white. We love white kitchens too, but we wanted to warm this space up as well. There are many ways to warm up an all white kitchen, and we did it through beautiful rustic wood elements.

White Oak ISLAND

First, let’s start off with this beautiful, custom, white oak island. This is the area in your kitchen that everyone is going to gather around. We needed it to be the perfect shade to match the white oak floors....but not match exactly, so this island could stand out on its own. The stain came out so perfect! It is slightly warmer than the floor, while looking like it is in the same family. There is enough contrast, that the island doesn’t get washed out or blend into the floors. The details of the X on both sides, give it a more casual feel in this grand space. That was a last minute add on, that ended up being our favorite detail on this island!

White Perimeter Cabinets

There are white upper and lower cabinets on the entire perimeter of the kitchen (SW Pure White). We were going back and forth if we should do a different countertop than the island or have the lower cabinets match the island to make it more interesting. In the end, we felt that the floating shelves gave this kitchen just enough warmth on the perimeter to tie into the island and ground the space. Plus, the open shelving allows us to style the kitchen with beautiful fun pieces that bring out the personality of the home owners.

TIP: I love styling with fun treasures homeowners have collected, mixed in with items they can actually use.

Additional Kitchen Accents

There are other elements that really tie this whole kitchen together:

  1. The rustic beam that we hand selected and had stained to go on the hood, was on all of our inspiration photos before we started the build. This piece actually was stained too dark the first time around and we had it hand scraped and re-stained to match the island. This was too important of a piece and it needed to play off the other wood tones we had going on in the kitchen. It turned out even better than the inspiration photos!

  2. The gorgeous ceiling beams (check out our blog about these beams here).

  3. The white oak floors that tie all the wood elements together.

  4. Modern black iron hardware to contrast with the white cabinets.

  5. White tile backsplash.

  6. White & grey quartz countertops.

  7. Beautiful lighting & plumbing fixtures.

  8. Impressive appliances and stunning sink detail.

We will break down ALL the design details above in a future post. Stay tuned!

Thank you Engstrom Wood Products for helping us make this kitchen beautiful with your custom cabinets! Your attention to detail and quality is what really sets this kitchen apart.

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