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Finding Your Design Style

Designing and decorating your home can be a long process, but it all begins with understanding what your personal design style looks like. There are many different styles to choose from, and all have unique characteristics that make them stand out. Your home should embody what you love and where you feel most comfortable, which is why it is crucial that you understand the different styles you have to choose from. In order to find your design style, you have to understand the colors, shapes, and pieces of furniture and décor that make up the types of homes.

Modern Farmhouse

Comfortable, simple, and exciting. The modern farmhouse style has made more of an appearance in the past few years. Within the farmhouse style, you can choose to go the more traditional route, or you can make it modern or rustic. The color palette of the farmhouse style includes white, black, and other neutral colors with metal and wood accents. If you love a cozy and fresh aesthetic, modern farmhouse is perfect for you!

farmhouse kitchen subway tile wood shelves
Modern Farmhouse Kitchen


The traditional design approach is more neutral in color, but the excitement comes from the detailed woodwork and furniture that decorate the interiors. Although the lines of this design are more ornate than others, there is still a lot of class and beauty within the space. This design style is timeless and can also be curated to fit your personality!

traditional design arched built-ins gold accents
Traditional Living Room


Modern interiors are clean, crisp, and minimalistic, as there is an emphasis on the lines that flow through the entirety of the space. This design style is perfect if you enjoy a clean space. The components of a modern home include neutral colors with accents in white and black and can also contain metal, steel, and glass. The lines of both the furniture and décor are typically straight to keep the space consistent and crisp.

living room marble coffee table ornate fireplace
Modern Living Room with Traditional Touches


The rustic interior style allows for natural and organic components to stand out. The characteristics of the rustic style include exposed wood, stone, and natural colors. This design style is perfect for someone who enjoys the simplicity of nature and wants to bring those feelings into their home space.

stone fireplace wood beams black windows
Rustic Living Room


Industrial interior spaces include a lot of exposed materials like brick, metal, and pipes. The colors are mostly earth-tones and appeal to those who find simplicity in the natural materials of a building. Industrial interiors can make a bold statement in a home and offer a uniquely sophisticated look. There are also elements such as vintage Edison lightbulbs that are significant to this particular style.

Industrial living and kitchen black window room dividers
Industrial Living/Kitchen Space

mid-century modern

Mid-century modern interiors are a blend of traditional and modern aspects. The furniture pieces in a mid-century modern space are classics and will not ever go out of style. If you love a cozy and home vibe, but you want to spice up some elements of your space, then mid-century modern is the perfect fit.

mid century furniture living room plaster walls
Mid-Century Modern Living Room


The Scandinavian design style focuses on a minimalistic and functional approach, while having some aspects of modernism. The materials associated with the Scandinavian style are typically leather, hemp fibers, and natural wood finishes. This style also feels very fresh and clean with a lot of personal touches and elements to spice up the space.

Living room Scandinavian design floating wood shelves
Scandinavian Living Room


The Bohemian style includes a lot of artistic and creative blends of patterns, textures, and colors. Bohemian design is essentially the most free-spirited style as there is a strong emphasis on using your own personal creativity to fill your space. Although there is no rule as to what you can and cannot put into a Bohemian space, the more bold and bright colors you include along with aspects of nature, the stronger the style appears. You can also play with lots of patterns and textures in a monochromatic color pallet as well, like the picture below.

Rattan chandelier plants patterned rug hand carved wood headboard
Bohemian Inspired Room

shabby chic

For those of you who love vintage and classy pieces, the Shabby Chic style is perfect for you. Shabby Chic is a more feminine and soft style that incorporates a lot of vintage furniture and décor pieces. The color palette incorporates pastels and light neutrals to blend in with the soft distressing of the materials in the space. Shabby Chic can also give off an elegant feeling when chandeliers or glamorous accents are used to fill the space.

Sun room shabby chic
Shabby Chic Sun Room

Purple bathroom chandelier Cloche storage
Shabby Chic Bath

There are so many different design styles to choose from, but these are some of my favorites! The amazing thing about interior design is that there are no rules or limits as to what you can or can't do in a space. If you enjoy cozy but clean and simple spaces, the Modern, Mid-Century Modern, or Industrial style may be the fit for you. If you enjoy spaces that are more artistic and colorful, look at Scandinavian, Bohemian, or Shabby Chic designs. And finally, if you prefer comfort and warm spaces, then Traditional, Modern Farmhouse, or Rustic design styles may be up your alley. At Style & Structure, our team wants to help you create the home of your dreams based off of everything you love!

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