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Updated: Mar 7


Justin, Style & Structure's architectural draftsman

Justin, Style & Structure’s architectural draftsman, has been part of the building industry for over fifteen years. With several family members involved in the industry, Justin was intrigued at a young age. He decided to work on framing crews while he was in high school and continued throughout college, while he pursued a degree in architecture from the University of Minnesota. Since graduating, Justin has worked for large companies and smaller businesses. However, he realized that he prefers designing for more local businesses, like Style & Structure, because it allows him to wholeheartedly focus on the customers. Before S&S, Justin had worked with the owners, Joe and Danielle, on multiple projects and custom homes. He found that the team worked extremely well with one another, which is now proving to be a huge advantage for the S&S team.

Style & Structure

architect designing floor plans

Justin enjoys being part of a team that collaborates so much; bouncing ideas off one

another helps creativity flow and contributes to the positive culture of the company. Justin has been with S&S for about a year, and the team is thrilled to work alongside someone who is so deliberate with each of his decisions. Getting to know customers’ styles is one of Justin’s favorite parts of his job. He believes that it is crucial to learn what each customer wants and needs in their home, along with their design ideas and inspiration. Once Justin is familiar with their styles, he is able to cater to their personal and unique styles in order to create a truly customized, functional, and beautiful home. However, Justin views each new project as a puzzle he gets to solve, especially when design or structural limitations arise.

There are many tasks that need to be completed before homes can begin to come to life, and Justin plays a key role in them. His typical work week involves initial consultations with customers, searching for structural challenges at build sites, and estimating pricing, just to name a few. Despite being quite busy with these processes, he claims that his role at S&S does not feel like a typical job because of how much he enjoys each process. He has fun interacting with customers and seeing what inspiration and ideas they have. Justin is extremely intentional with each of his customers. He keeps them at the center of everything he does, beginning with initial sketches all the way through the selection process.

Personal Interests

When he is not designing, Justin loves to spend time with his wife Courtney and their daughter Mila, who they welcomed in May of 2023. He also loves spending time outdoors, especially on the lake. Growing up in South Dakota, he spent the weekends on the water wakeboarding and wake surfing. Justin and his wife, Courtney, moved to Minnesota over twelve years ago, and they still love lake days. Justin also enjoys drawing designs in his sketchbooks as ideas come to mind. Sometimes, these designs even end up in people’s homes. Justin is innovative, experienced, and intentional with every single one of his clients, and he will commit to creating a special place for them to call home.


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