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Meet Lily Yegge: Lifestyle Blogger

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Lifestyle Blogger:

Lily is the youngest member of the Style & Structure team, and hands down the sweetest. As our Lifestyle Blogger for our marketing and branding team, she brings fresh and new ideas to the table. Lily's blogs usually focus on meeting the team, meeting our trade partners, touring the cities we are building in and featuring restaurants, shops and local activities. She is usually on the other side of the interviewing process, but now it is her turn to be in the hot seat!

Growing up in Colorado:

Lily grew up in Longmont, Colorado, but was born in South Korea and adopted at 5 months old to an amazing family. She is the youngest of 4 kids (by 11 years), and she loved having such a big age gap with her siblings. Lily’s sister and 2 big brothers spoiled her growing up and when they moved out, it was like she was an only child. Lily loved growing up in Colorado. She would go hiking in the mountains all the time after school with her friends. Her parents were Young Life leaders and she was very involved in church growing up.

Minnesota Bound:

When it was time to pick where she wanted to go to college, she decided on Bethel University to live next to her big brother and his family in Minnesota. Lily’s oldest brother went off to college when she was only 3, so it has been amazing being back together.

Lily had quite an interesting first year of college, because Covid hit and everyone had to leave campus for the second semester. It was a crazy experience to leave for Spring Break and be told you can’t return to school. Her brother back in Minnesota had to pack up her dorm room for her because she was stuck in Colorado for the lock down.

Now, classes are back up and running and she is finally getting the full college experience. She is studying Organization Communication, and is learning a lot of real life experiences for her major at Style & Structure.

As the lifestyle blogger, Lily sits down with team members and trade partners. She enjoys learning what they do during the work day, but also in their personal life. Her favorite question to ask is “What is your favorite part of your job?” Everyone has such a different answer to this question and it is interesting getting their perspective.

Lily says the best part of being a lifestyle blogger is exploring the different cities Style & Structure is building or remodeling in. Lily gets to try out new restaurants and go shopping at local boutiques. Lily loves working with the Style & Structure team, because everyone is so fun. It’s such a great experience because her major in college is all about communication in a company. Style & Structure is a fast growing business and it is great to see how they are implementing systems and building communication with their team.

Hobbies & Interests:

Lily loves summers in Minnesota, hanging out with family and friends, lake days, hiking and wakeboarding. She is so busy with school, so her hobbies have taken a back seat, but she likes painting, reading, traveling, outdoor sports, learning how cook with her mom (who is an amazing cook and baker) and going to her nephew and nieces sporting events.

Favorite food: ice cream

Lilly is going to be graduating next year from Bethel University and the first thing she wants to do is travel to Europe. Her study abroad program was canceled due to Covid, and she has always wanted to go.

Future Projects:

Lily has a lot of awesome blogs coming up this summer.

-What to do in Lakeville

-New team member blogs

-Local shop owners in Stillwater

-Meeting the trades

-Small businesses for household/decor items

Lily is so sweet and kind. She just brightens up a room. She is so creative, tech savvy and has a great eye for design. She has a growing talent for web design, graphics, social media and writing blogs. As the youngest member she is teaching us new things all the time! Lily has been a great addition to the team and we are so excited to see what she ends up doing with all her amazing talents.

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