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Meet Lindsey

Branding Manager & Designer

As Branding Manager at Style & Structure, Lindsey’s job is to make sure all S&S branding and marketing looks cohesive. She oversees Style & Structure’s social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram. and Pinterest (which you should check out because they have so many fun/inspiring design ideas). Aside from S&S branding, Lindsey is also passionate about Design. Specifically, she loves coming up with unique designs for our homeowners and of course using it to show off on social media.

When Lindsey is thinking through design details for a homeowner, she really gets to know them, learn about their style, how they live and comes up with something that is so unique that many times it is difficult to find inspiration pictures. If that is the case, she usually enlists our in-house Architectural Designer, Justin to draw up what she is thinking, so the homeowner can envision her ideas. But that is what makes it fun, because Lindsey is a firm believer that no two houses should look alike (after all no two people are alike).

Lindsey has a unique perspective because before she began working at S&S, the company built her dream home. Now familiar with the building process, Lindsey is able to come alongside clients to help bring their own visions to life and help them understand what they can expect through their journey.

As a former client herself, she knows how fun and exciting it is to receive updates throughout the building process. Throughout the entire process, Lindsey takes photos and videos to highlight each stage and how the unique design details come together. Her own home was featured in the 2021 Spring Parade of Homes, and it is filled with countless stunning details. Throughout the process Lindsey collaborates with team members (Danielle, Justin and Claire) to review different design elements for each project. It is great when you have so many different personalities and design styles giving input to a project. It helps generate new and unique ideas.

Personal Style:

  • Lindsey lives in a house full of boys (husband Blake and her 3 sons), so she loves to mix masculine and feminine details. Mixing natural materials such as natural wood, stone, concrete and metals with light and airy fabrics, vases and plants.

  • Lindsey hates furniture sets. She loves a home that looks collected over time. Every item needs to have a story and a special place. She loves using high and low items. High, being expensive, are the staple pieces in the room and low are the more trendy items that she can switch out.

  • Lindsey loves a good gallery wall with black and white photos of all the generations of her family. It brings the old photos and new ones together.

  • Every room needs a wow moment. She loves being creative and adding something unexpected into each the custom concrete trough sink for her boys bathroom with the word "bros" stamped in the front.

Favorite part of the construction process:

Lindsey adores everything about the construction process, but her all-time favorite part is seeing framing go up. After staring at blueprints for so long, she loves being able to walk through each room and envision how the home will look. It is hard for many to visualize at that stage, but for her, she can picture it best while it is a clean slate.

Advice for clients building or renovating:

If she could offer new clients a piece of advice, she would recommend preparing inspiration ideas you like and keep a high level of communication. Style & Structure strives to do the same and wants to partner with each client to bring their dream home to life. The best way is to go over the details early on, so there are no surprises during construction. Lindsey will work with homeowners by creating Pinterest boards to understand their styles better, create mood boards with design suggestions and the team with have detailed plans drawn up, transparent pricing and included features clearly listed so homeowners know what to expect once their project begins. Her ultimate goal is to help homeowners have fun along the journey of their build and get them excited about the home they get to live in!

Personal Interests

Lindsey's favorite things to do when she isn’t creating content or thinking of new design ideas is traveling with her family, camping, going up North, boating, snowboarding with her kids, reading a good book, watching her three boys play soccer, going on a long run and watching the Bachelor with a glass of wine. Lindsey also owns Apple Spice, a catering and boxed lunch company in Minneapolis with her family.

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