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Styling a Cozy Front Porch: Autumn Edition

With Halloween and Thanksgiving right around the corner, there is no better time to begin styling your front porch for the fall season. It is the perfect time to bring out the cozy colors and decor, and I have some fun ideas that will make your front porch stand out from the rest! The key to decorating your porch for fall is to bring in cozy and homey elements that will make the space inviting.

Fall porch decor, pumpkins, potted plants

Color Palette

Although you are probably familiar with the typical fall colors, inluding red, orange, yellow, and brown, it can be more exciting if you incorporate different shades of these colors. Some of my favorites are burnt orange, sage green, and maroon. An easy trick to make sure you choose the right colors is to make sure they blend in well with the exterior elements of your house. For more neutral houses, bring in some brighter colors. For a more colorful home, choosing a complimentary accent color along with some neutrals will look professional and crisp.

pumpkins & pampas

Pumpkins are a fall must have and my personal favorite way to decorate a front porch is by grouping together pumpkins and gourds of different colors and sizes. White pumpkins add a clean feeling to the space, while orange, yellow, and green gourds create a warm sense. Pampas grass is another fun way to spice up the natural elements of a porch and it is also a trendy decorational piece. Pampas grass comes in white, brown, and gold, and it can be fun to mix the colors together!

Metal Accents

Black or gold metal lanterns can serve a double purpose - they add more light to your porch and they are a fun decor piece. Rustic door decorations are also a great way to change up the entryway to your home. Metal signs or wreaths add a lot of character and can even be personalized to fit your style! You can also bring in some greenery by hanging silver or black metal plant holders with twine.

furniture coverings & rugs

A new season is the perfect excuse for switching your summer furniture coverings and rugs for something more suitable for the fall time! Warmer tone colors look great with other fall accent pieces, and they can instantly change up the vibe of your front porch. The easiest way to make your home entrance feel cozier is to add a rug with richer colors, such as brown, red, and green. Also, layering a couple different rugs can make the space look unique and it will stand out from everyone else. Try placing a burlap area rug underneath a colorful accent rug and see the difference it makes! As for furniture coverings, a cream or light gray covering can make your fall pillows and decor stand out and make you want to stay bundled up. This is another great way to change up the feeling of your front porch without having to change anything else in the area.

Fall Pillows:

Fall is the perfect season to get cozy and change up your front porch decor! It can be as simple as adding new accent pillows, like the ones above (click on the images!). You don't need to break the bank to change up your front porch each season. Another simple way to change things up is by setting pumpkins outside of your door...

Pro Tip on sourcing pumpkins:

We love supporting our local farmers for buying pumpkins, but if you are unable to get to the pumpkin patch this year, Trader Joe has pumpkins in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors for a great price!

New Plant Arrangements:

Use a variety of materials with your planters, such as terracotta, clay and woven baskets to add texture and interest. Fill them with beautiful plant arrangements like purple fountain grass, kale and mums. These are just a few of the perfect ways to spice up your front porch for this new season! Have fun decorating and stay warm & cozy!

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