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How Style & Structure was founded

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

A little about Joe:

Joe has been building homes for his clients for over 35 years. He grew up in central Minnesota, and his dad was a builder. Joe's dad would take him to different build sites, and Joe knew at a young age that he had found his passion...BUILDING HOMES! After graduating high school, Joe worked on framing crews in order to pursue his goals. He then worked his way into managerial positions by learning and mastering every step of the homebuilding process. He has worked for some really amazing custom home builders, and it has always been a dream to one day have his own building company.

A little about Danielle:

From a young age, Danielle has always been sales minded and knew she wanted to own a business. It started back when she was a top girl scout in cookie sales and organizing neighborhood lemonade stands. Danielle has always been eager to work with people and find new ways to truly maximize businesses.

Danielle got married right out of college during the 2008 market crash. Danielle and her husband Matt started flipping houses in Colorado. They did really well by scooping up fixer uppers at a good price and putting some sweat equity into them. Danielle saw the potential in the business, so she decided to get her real estate license and that lead to her working for a new home construction company when they moved back to her home state of Minnesota. Through her natural gifts in business and her fabulous sense of style, she has been able to turn her passions into creating incredible homes for her clients.

How Style & Structure was founded:

So, how did Joe and Danielle start Style and Structure? Almost 10 years ago, Joe and his wife Karen were out on the Parade of Homes tour, where he happened to run into Danielle working as the sales rep at a model home. She was working for a new construction builder and not to long after meeting, Joe was brought onto the team as the custom home department builder. After working on custom homes together for a few years at that company, Danielle and Joe realized that they made a great team.

Danielle comes from a background in flipping houses and real estate, while Joe had been building homes since he was in high school. They decided to start their own business, and Style & Structure was formed. Their new company allowed them to have the freedom to take on new and exciting projects, meet new clients, and apply innovative creativity to all their builds.

How did you get the name?:


Danielle has always been into the “style” of building a home. Part of building the perfect home for her clients is cultivating relationships with her homeowners, and that is one of Danielle’s top priorities. It is important for her to learn some of their style preferences and how they live/use each space in their home, so she can add unique and personal elements. There are so many amazing styles that look beautiful, and Danielle loves being able to mix and match aspects of each to construct incredibly personalized homes that clients adore.


Everything Joe does is behind the scenes and is definitely more into the “structure”. His true passion is being able to bring someone’s dream home to life, whether it is starting from the ground up or remodeling a client’s current home that has so many memories.

Joe is also proud that Style & Structure is a "Designated Green Path Builder", which means in addition to city inspections, we hire a third party inspection at framing completion to inspect the building envelope, another at insulation completion, and a "blower door test" at the end of construction to test the home for possible air leakage and vulnerable areas of energy loss. Our homes HERS scores always come in lower then the national average and we are so proud to have just be honored with The Green Business Award in our home town of Stillwater, MN. Learn more about a HERS score a why it’s important here.

What makes Style & Structure unique:

At Style & Structure, we don’t do this because it’s a job, we are truly passionate about building homes.

There are so many different aspects to building or renovating a home. Danielle and Joe have created a team that is specialized in each part of the build and they really respect everyones roles in the company to do what they do best. We love that everyone on our team is so unique and has different backgrounds. We can come together and collaborate to make a great product.

At S&S we strive to create new designs and have fun while we do it. We never want to build the same house twice.


As much as Joe loves building homes, his absolute favorite part of the industry is getting to know his clients. He is deliberate, transparent, and ready to serve, and Joe builds relationships while building homes. Maintaining his relationships with his clients is important to Joe. He wants each of his clients’ voices to be heard, and he makes sure they are. Joe has intentionally stayed in touch with many of his previous clients. Joe understands that each client has their own questions or concerns, and he is quick to help find solutions and answers.


With an aptitude for recognizing strengths in people, Danielle’s favorite part of the job is working with her team. Although she and Joe have very different personalities, their shared passion for the industry is clear in their friendship and leadership. They have created an environment where everyone on the team brings their own skills to the table. Danielle and Joe encourage a productive and creative space for new ideas, that ultimately result in beautiful, individualized homes and remodels.


Danielle and Joe want to share their experiences from being in the building industry with you. When they have new clients come on board, they want them to feel apart of the building experience. One way we are doing this, is by creating a Podcast series that allows people to follow along the entire build process from start to finish. Danielle and Joe are going to take you through each one of our checklists that we use at Style & Structure when building a home.

Go to Style & Structure: "If Walls Could Talk" to listen along.

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