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Meet Karen

Account Specialist

Karen Braun has been Style & Structure’s Account Specialist since last fall, and her work has already played a huge role in the company’s success. Between invoicing, paying bills, banking, and payroll, Karen helps Joe and Danielle stay organized during the company’s busiest seasons.

Karen manages the books and ensures that every penny is exactly where it is supposed to be. While building a home, finances are a huge deal: homeowners, builders, and trades all need to know where their money is coming and going. When it comes to handling finances, no one is more trustworthy and reliable than Karen.

Style & Structure means a lot to Karen, and she is honored that she gets to work at such a great company. She loves being able to keep the office in order. Karen’s favorite part of her job, however, is knowing that she is making a real difference. All of her hard work positively impacts the rest of the office. Being able to see everything come to life means a lot to Karen.

Karen deeply values family, and she loves that S&S shares the same attitudes and thoughts regarding the importance of family. Karen’s views extend in all areas of her life: people tend to refer to Karen as “mom”, even at the office. It is obvious that she loves spending quality time with people, and that she cares greatly about everyone she meets!

Outside of work, Karen is Mom to her three sons. She also has four grandchildren, and they all live within twenty minutes of her! Karen absolutely adores her family, and she loves getting to see them so often. Although she does not work with clients directly, Style & Structure greatly benefits from her and her kindness!

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