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Styling the Perfect Backyard Space

One of my favorite places to hang out with friends and family during the summer time is my backyard! Creating a space that is not only cozy and cute, but also seats a lot of people in a comfortable way can be hard, but I have so many styling tips to share with you. The best backyard space has stylish furniture, cozy lighting, and exciting décor.

Backyard furniture setup with sofa, chairs, tables and fire pit.
(Image credit: Oka)

Patio & Dining Furniture

The easiest way to begin designing a backyard entertainment space is to look for the biggest pieces of furniture that you want. There are many different styles of outdoor dining tables to choose from as well as lounge patio sets. When you are choosing these pieces, try and keep the design style consistent with the interiors of your home, as this will elevate your overall space and create the best transition from the indoors to the outdoors. Also, a quick tip for filling up a smaller space is to buy a bistro set which usually consists of a side table and two chairs. This is perfect for drinking your morning coffee and reading a good book!

Statement Furniture

Whether you are lounging by the pool or enjoying a nice lunch break outside, statement furniture pieces are the best to hang out on. Egg chairs are cute for a summer backyard, especially when you add some colorful accent pillows on top! I also love styling daybeds in the corner of a backyard, as they make the perfect spot to read a book or hang out with friends and family.

Lighting Ideas

When it comes to hosting family barbeques or friendly bonfires, it is important that you have lighting outside for after the sunset. String lights in the summertime are fun and turn a backyard into the most amazing space to hang out. It is also important to add lights to the exterior of your house for extra illumination.

(Photo Credit: West Wing Now)

Décor Pieces

All of the furniture and lighting that you add to your backyard is very important, but you can easily take your space from a 7 to a 10 by adding in decorative accents. The first piece that you should look for is an area rug for either the dining space or the lounging areas. A fun designer tip is to layer your rugs! This allows you to achieve more of a one-of-a-kind look that will be eye-catching and also unique to your home. Also, switch out your pillows seasonally to bring in different colors and upgrade the space. You can use the summer season to have bright and colorful patterns and then tone it down as fall and winter roll around. Another decorative piece to add to any outdoor space is a poof cushion. These are great for kids to hang out on but they also add some new textures and shapes to your space.

Bringing in Some Greenery

There is no better place to add in a lot of plants and flowers than in your own backyard! This is also the perfect time to bring in color if you have chosen neutral furniture and lighting through some beautiful flowers. You can add emphasis to a corner by using oversized planter pots in a variety of shapes and sizes, but you can also use small pots to add greenery on top of a table. Hanging flower pots are also stunning and draw your eyes up to the exterior of your home. A quick tip when designing your backyard space is to add in pieces that will emphasize other aspects of your home because it makes the space more cohesive and memorable.

Entertain and Serve in Style

The only thing left after you have decorated and styled your backyard is to host and entertain in the space! The best way to quickly transform your backyard from a family hang out spot to a gathering space is by styling your outdoor dining area. Centerpieces made of flowers, plants, or decorative accents will easily leave your guests in awe of your amazing styling skills. A quick tip for a beautiful dining spread: layer placemats and plates on top of each other along with the silverware and keep a consistent color theme.

Outdoor dining, wood table, wild flowers and dining place settings)
(Photo Credit: Elle Decor)

While styling your backyard may seem overwhelming and like a lot of work, you should have fun with the process. Be sure to choose pieces that are functional as well as cute and stylish so you can maximize your use out of everything. You can also see some of Style & Structure's favorite outdoor living space designs by checking out our Pinterest boards!

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