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stylish built-in firewood storage:

we love built-ins!!!

We are going to show you some of our favorite built-in firewood storage niches and discuss the proper way of bringing in firewood indoors.

built-in firewood storage, vaulted ceilings, rustic mantle
Symmetrical built-in firewood storage on both sides of fireplace.

Our modern farmhouse (modern rustic villa):

You may have noticed in our 2021 Spring and Fall model homes that we have created a built-in firewood storage to stack wood by the fireplaces. We love this look because it brings in a natural element, which really goes with any style of home. Our Spring model was a modern farm house and it was a MUST to bring in the much needed rustic element.

stacked firewood, rustic beams, rustic mantle, living room

Symmetrical built-ins on both sides of the fireplace:

With this fireplace, the homeowner really wanted the fireplace to be symmetrical. It was actually really hard to find examples of built-in firewood storage on both sides of the fireplace. We finally came across an article in Architectural Digest of Patrick Dempsey's Malibu house designed by Frank O. Gehry.

Living room, built-in firewood storage, natural greenery
Symmetrical built-in firewood storage.

It was the perfect inspiration for the fireplace we wanted to build. It is always great to get inspiration photos to show the builder and architect when building or renovating a home. It doesn't have to be exactly what you want, but it is a great jumping off point.

Our Spring model was open to the dining and kitchen, with large rustic beams diving the spaces. The peak vault in the open area ran from the fireplace all the way to the kitchen. It was the perfect opportunity to highlight the beautiful vault in the top built-in niches around the fireplace. The stacked wood, beams and rustic mantle are mirrored on the the other end of the space in the kitchen with the rustic mantle over the stove and the floating shelves.

dinging room, living room, fireplace, round iron chandelier
Modern rustic villa

rustic beams, kitchen, dining room
Modern rustic villa

Stacked firewood, concrete round table, rustic mantle
Modern rustic villa

our bold modern estate:

In our Fall model, it was a little unexpected to bring in rustic touches of stacked wood, because the home was bold and modern. But, we actually love how the natural elements play off the modern home design. It brings warmth and contrast into the space, which otherwise would have been too gray and cold. We of course still wanted to keep it modern with clean lines. The 2 story fireplace has a black stucco finish. The built-in niche for the firewood is only on one side to give asymmetry and interest. The floating white oak bench is sleek and ties in with the stacked firewood.

stacked firewood niche, black stucco fireplace
Bold & Modern Estate

living room, floating bench, catwalk, horizontal black railing
Bold & Modern Estate

Black stucco fireplace, floating bench, stacked firewood