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Meet Carole

Updated: May 9, 2022

New Home Specialist

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Style & Structure is excited to welcome Carole to our team! As a New Home Specialist in Minneapolis and west of the Twin Cities, Carole spends much of her time working with homeowners to help them create the home of their dreams. Before S&S, Carole was in real estate for 11 years, and she has known Danielle and Joe (owners of Style & Structure) for 6.

putting clients first

Carole’s favorite part of her job is getting to know her clients and their families. She understands that people are building their dream homes: the place where people raise their kids, create memories, and get to do life. Home is an important concept, and Carole hopes to be an asset to her clients in any way she can, in order to help their new home feel personalized to them.

Industry lessons

Since the beginning of her career, Carole has learned many valuable lessons, but the most prominent are open communication and empathy. Clients do not build homes very often, so it is important for builders to understand that they will be curious and have questions. Clients are also spending their money to build a home, and they want to ensure their investment will be worth it. Carole takes educating her clients seriously, and she is available to answer questions and concerns whenever they may arise. She truly loves getting to know people and learning about their dream homes.

Day in the Life

Carole is our West side New Home Specialist and lives on the other side of the cities from the S&S office located in Stillwater, Minnesota. Although she is often running around the west side meeting with clients and realtors, she tries to make it over to Stillwater whenever she can to spend time with the awesome S&S team. A typical work day for Carole consists of lots of meetings and getting to know clients. High communication with customers is a huge priority of hers. Carole loves to learn about her clients visions, answer any questions they have, educate them on the S&S building process and help them plan out the perfect space for their needs. While clients are building, Carole walks them through each step of the process. She works alongside clients from beginning to closing, working to keep clients updated and informed with each step of the project.

personal interests

Outside of work, Carole enjoys baking French pastries (her favorites are brioche and anything with layered dough and lots of butter, like croissants!) and gardening. She grows many of her own vegetables, herbs, and fruits, and she even has plum trees and apple trees! Carole is enthusiastic, kind, and a wonderful addition to the team. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for her at Style & Structure!

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